Five Favorite Home Organizing Tools

There are hundreds of great products to choose from in order to make finding your “stuff,” faster and easier. I’m glad to help you choose but  here are a few of my favorites!


1.     EXPANDABLE SHELF:  This product is my favorite organizing product because you get the most bang for your buck!  The expandable shelf is a three tiered shelf that triples your storage space, and makes your products more visible.  The expandable shelf is especially helpful in your kitchen pantry, linen closets and even under your bathroom sink.

2.     MAGNETIC MESH ORGANIZER BINS:  It’s back to school time, and these magnetic bins are perfect for your child’s locker.  They are available in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.

3.     3-DRAWER STORAGE CART:  This 3-drawer storage cart is inexpensive and versatile.  It’s great in the playroom for storing kids’ costumes, stuffed animals, even Barbie (plus her whole wardrobe!) and Thomas the Train.  It’s also a lifesaver in a child’s closet when you need some extra storage that’s also easily accessible.  (Note: The wheels are optional.)

4.     3-SECTION LAUNDRY HAMPER:  It’s never been easier to separate your darks from your whites!  This 3-section laundry hamper makes it easier than ever to keep up with your laundry.  I have one of these in my house and it’s ideal for any home with 1-5 people.

5.     HANDLED TOOL HOLDERS: Organizing solutions that mount on the wall take up less space and require you to designate specific spots for each item.  Not only is this product perfect for your garage, but it’s also great in the laundry room for storing brooms, mops, the Swiffer, etc…


Do you have a favorite to share?

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